OCEANIC TECH INC we know that IT can be a real challenge to handle no matter how big or small your business is, We’ve been there ourselves.

Oceanic Tech Inc was founded in 2017, providing business solutions and offering quality services to clients globally. One of our most valued honors is the trust, maintain confidentiality and establish partnership with clients. We value our teams to help build our clients future and business growth. That’s why Oceanic Tech Inc is different.

We created an organization grounded on two principles:

  • To support businesses with highly skilled technical consultants who give you the IT solutions you need when you need it: right now.
  • To go beyond fixing what’s broken in your systems to discover why they’re broken and how to keep them from breaking again.

Today, we provide our customers with what we like to call “The Oceanic Tech Inc Difference.”


OCEANIC TECH INC delivers  cost-effective, technology-based solutions to SMB, Private Equity and Private Equity owned businesses. Our team is made up of an extraordinary mix. At OCEANIC TECH INC we have team members with a diverse background and experience. We understand what really matters to solve challenges in a unique way.

Our Vision

We inspire companies to use technology in radically better ways.

Our Mission

We deliver effective technology solutions that enable companies and leaders to achieve and exceed goals.

Our Customer Promise

Our mission is not just for the board room and plaques across our offices. We truly live our mission by delivering on the promise we make to you every step of the way. It gives us direction and a clear sense of purpose. This is what defines us as a company: how we act, how we treat others, and how we conduct business.